After a demonstration with our T3EV Electric Buggy at the Baja Reguengos de Monsaraz (Portugal) in September 2021 we did develop further the vehicle during the winter. The Off-road race team GALP Electric x ADESS was created with the support of our main Partner: GALP. We competed at 4 Bajas in the Portuguese National Baja Championship and won 2 events in the “Alternative Energy” class.

Our motorsport consultancy activity saw a massive increase in 2022 : we have been busy with various mechanical design work and bodywork / composites design work.

Midyear a Caterham super 7 support service was created to provide technical assistance to multiple cars in the national Portuguese and Iberian Caterham championships.

ADESS Historie 2022


We finalized the development of the T3EV, the first FIA Homologated T3 Electric buggy. Multiple testing days were necessary to setup and debug the vehicle. Then a first public demonstration took place at the Baja Reguengos de Monsaraz (Portugal) in September 2021.

Consultancy : We have been supporting multiple customers and did deliver various projects in the motorsport arena including mechanical and composites components.

LMP3: we supported two race teams (R Breizh Motorsport, Revere racing) at the Michelin Cup Barcelona and Road to Le Mans events.


During the first half of 2020 we focused on the development of the new Mission H24 Hydrogen racecar : the H24. The car was presented on September 18th during the 24 hours of Le Mans week. Then the car has been assembled and before start testing on track in January 2021.

2020 was an important milestones for ADESS as we did open a new department within the company: the Electric Powertrain dept. That department will focus mainly on Electric powertrain development and Electronics.

Mid 2020 we started the development of a T3-class off-road electric vehicle: the T3EV.


The ACO (Automobile Club de l´Ouest) and Green GT have created a racing team – Mission H24 - to race the LMPH2G. In March we successfully homologated the car with the FIA. ADESS is officially the first chassis manufacturer to homologate an Electric -powered by Hydrogen fuel cell- Le Mans Prototype racecar chassis. A new aerodynamic kit has been developed and was successfully tested in May. On Sunday 2nd of June the Mission H24 LMPH2G was on track at Le Mans. Then the car has been running during two events of the Michelin Le Mans Cup (Spa in September and Portimão in October).

On 14th of June our new LMP3 racecar the “ADESS-03 EVO” was presented in Le Mans. The car features a shorter wheelbase, a new engine, a new rear wing and various new safety components such as Zylon side-panels protection. The development of this new racecar was carried out in house by ADESS Engineers and Technicians. The car rollout took place at the Autodromo Internacional do Algarve at the end of August.


The year started at full speed.

On 6th of March, Green GT and Pininfarina revealed the rolling chassis of the H2 speed at the Geneva International Motor Show. ADESS was entrusted with the design and construction of the carbon chassis of this exceptional car. The development of the H2 Speed involved our whole team, in cooperation with Pininfarina and Green GT.

In May we were selected by the ACO for the new 2020-2024 homologation period for the LMP3 category. We are thrilled to continue this challenge, further improving our car and relaunching our campaign in the sport. A new version of our ADESS-03 LMP3 was developed during 2018.

In October, the LMPH2G (Le Mans Prototype Hydrogen Gas) racecar was presented at The Mondial de l´Automobile (France).  ADESS is the chassis partner for this project, and we were excited to see our work exposed at this event.
The ADESS-03 competed at Sebring International Raceway for the “Michelin IMSA Sportscar Encore” with the team Atlantic Racing (Canada). Race drivers trio Antunes-Ottis-Shute were behind the wheel and the car finished 7th overall (12 LMP3 cars were engaged in that race).

2018 was a year full of challenges, high goals and hard work.


ADESS is now in Portugal. Our new location is just a few kilometers away from Lisbon, right in the heart of the logistical and industrial district of the capital. Our new factory allows us to grow and expand our Production as well as our Design and Engineering activities. ADESS design department has been busy with the design of a very innovative Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle.

The ADESS-03 LMP3 racecar competed in the Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup and the “Road to Le Mans”. The team Infinity Race Engineering achieved an impressive 6 podiums in 6 races in the Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup (Sepang-Malaysia) and finished 2nd in the team standings. A new LMP3 full-carbon bodywork kit has been designed by the design department and released in August.


With cars sold in Europe and Asia, ADESS delivered their first car in the USA. ADESS was now present in all the main motorsport markets) . An on-track customer support service has been created to assist our LMP3 customers.

The ADESS-03 competed in the Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup, Asian Le Mans Series and in the “Road to Le Mans”. The team Infinity Race Engineering secured 3 podiums in 6 races in the Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup (Sepang-Malaysia) and finished 3rd in the team standings.

ADESS has been selected by the team Forze H2 (TU Delft) as LMP chassis manufacturer for their Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle project. In July 2016 another customer appointed ADESS to design and engineer a modified version of its LMP3 chassis for their future Fuel Cell Electrical Vehicle (FCEV).


ADESS was selected by the ACO (Automobile Club de l´Ouest) as one of the five LMP3 racing car manufacturers. The development of the ADESS-03 LMP3, equipped with a normally aspirated 420 bhp V8 Nissan engine, took place in 2015. The first three cars were delivered at the end of 2015 (two in Asia, one in Europe), just in time to compete in the 2015-2016 Asian Le Mans Series.


The Design Department worked on the ADESS-02 racecar, a new Le Mans Prototype (LMP2). In parallel, a complete Experimental LMP1 prototype chassis (Garage 56) was developed for a customer. This car ran in the 24 hours of Le Mans.


The Lotus LMP2 T128 hit the Paul-Ricard track at the end of March 2013, just before the start of the season. Two cars competed in the World Endurance Championship. Drivers Thomas Holzer, Dominik Kraihamer and Jan Charouz got a podium (3rd) place at COTA (USA).


ADESS AG was founded in May 2012. During this year ADESS focused its resources on the design of a completely new LMP2 prototype, the Lotus LMP2 T128. The prototype was entirely designed and engineered in-house by ADESS´s engineers.